Friday, 5 February 2016

Wonky Veg and Waste

In the news today is this move by Asda to introduce 'wonky veg boxes' in 128 of its stores. I don't know about you but I couldn't care less what my veg looks like, taste and value for money are far more important to me. According to Asda buying a box of wonky veg is 30% cheaper than paying for prettier versions of the same items.

Of course its only saving you money if you are actually going to use the veg. The big drive behind these boxes is to cut down on waste but only a small proportion of the UK's food waste comes from supermarkets - most goes into our own bins at home, with salad vegetables being some of the most likely to end up being thrown away. It can only be good news that our supermarkets are addressing waste but we have to do our part too and use what we buy.

It's a great initiative but with only limited stores involved so far, and small numbers of boxes available in each store, is it enough? Will this help with your weekly shop? I'd struggle to bring a box like that back on the bus, even if a store near me stocked them. What are your views? I'd love to know.

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  1. One or two comments vaguely but not very closely connected to the post - it is nearly 8pm after all.

    First is related in suggesting that those who do have a lot of cash and nothing to do one spring day might buy discount fruit trees like apple from Asda and plant in a park where nobody is looking. No such option exists for those who are short of money, but a lot of free fruit trees might add variety to those who go for a walk in the park for lack of more expensive options.

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