Sunday, 14 February 2016

What do you think?

I've been playing around with the look of my blog, what do you think? I'm still not sure it's what I'm after but it's definitely brighter and that's a start. It just looked so dismal and depressing before. Struggling to make ends meet can be depressing enough without looking at more grey, don't you think? It's time to lighten and brighten myself up and that means with my blog too.

I hope you like it, but all that veg has reminded me I haven't put the slow cooker on yet. Ooops. I better get that chicken stew started if I want to eat tonight.


  1. I love the changes Hope and love that you're back blogging. Welcome back, Take care 😊

  2. I love the new look - calm and peaceful - hopefully reflecting your inner self!