Tuesday, 2 February 2016

I'm Back!

It's been a while... a long, long while but I finally feel like it's time to get get back into blogging.

A lot has changed. My husband walked out, I've moved to a smaller place in a quieter location and after battling with health issues over the last year I'm now managing on my own. I've recently been switched from ESA to JSA, despite having a sick note that still covered me for another few months...but hey that non-medical decision maker obviously knows more than my doctor! That's OK though, ultimately I've never wanted to be stuck in the benefit system anyway and it's forced me to address some things. It piled on extra stress at a time I really didn't need it, but I'll make the best of it because y'know, that's what I do.

I might make a few changes to my blog, maybe change the layout and make it a bit brighter. Coming back to it after so long I thought how depressing it was to look at, very dark and dismal, which probably reflected my mood and outlook very well when I began but onward and upwards..

I've already been through and deleted many of the posts about my ex-husband. I haven't got rid of every reference to him because as much as we might like to sometimes, we can't sanitise our lives. However he was never entirely comfortable with me 'broadcasting our problems to the world', which was why I chose to write under a pseudonym, so to avoid any potential future problems I've just cut him out wherever it was reasonable to do so. I've given it some thought and I'll still use that pseudonym though. Not because I have anything to hide but because I like Hope and it does have a personal meaning to me. Some of you do know my 'real' name and that's fine. Who knows, maybe one day I'll get brave and even post pics of me. We'll see...


  1. So glad to see you are back blogging, I have thought about you often and worried about you too.

  2. I just found you are back. I like the new look! I look forward to reading and getting caught up.
    (I don't remember if I ever commented before, but I did read your blog regularly.)