Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Surprise Spuds

Yesterday I made it out into the garden for the first time this year. It was a little grey and blustery but surprisingly warm so I thought I'd make the most of the lack of rain and make a start on my little patch of mud. It's a very small garden and a slightly odd shape, getting wider as it runs the width of the cottage. I have no back garden at all so any veg I grow is right out there for all to see.

I didn't have much luck with veg last year having started quite late in the season, and fighting a losing battle with slugs, but I did have a few tubs of salad stuff and planted runner beans and potatoes in between the flowers. I got a few meals out of it and there is nothing nicer than home grown, so all things considered I was happy.

Fast forward to yesterday and I decided to do a bit of weeding and digging. A mild, wet winter means weeds that would normally have died off have flourished and it was back breaking work. Finally I was ready to begin turning over the soggy soil in anticipation of a rich harvest this year and look what I found...

Several spuds I'd missed last year!