Monday, 15 February 2016

Chicken Stew 51p

A bit later than I planned after forgetting to switch on my slow cooker, I tucked into chicken stew yesterday. On a cold winters day there can be nothing better than stew.

I'd defrosted one large chicken breast and popped that in the slow cooker whole on top of the veg. Cooked slowly like that it's wonderfully tender and breaks apart easily when I stir the stew before serving.

Into the slow cooker went *
1 large chicken breast  56p (asda smart price £3.33 for 1kg)
3 medium carrots 17p (57p 1kg)
2 small parsnips   21p(74p 500g)
2 medium potatoes 12p (£1.50 2,5kg)
1 large red onion 10p (£1 1kg)
1 leek   26p ( £1 500g)
2 sticks celery  5p (49p)
2 stock cubes   6p (75p for 12)
1 mug of water
towards the end of cooking I added
frozen peas 20p (£1.30 1kg)
frozen peppers 30p (£1 500g)
cornflower for thickening**

There should easily be at least four hearty servings which means it works out at around 51p per portion. Not bad at all for a tasty dinner.

* All items bought from Asda. Although some things may be cheaper elsewhere I usually do one big supermarket shop every few weeks and have that delivered, saving me on bus fares and the sheer effort involved in dragging it all home on public transport.
** I haven't included seasoning and cornflower in the overall costings as these are minimal and down to personal preference anyway.

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