Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Just My Luck!

I finally admitted defeat and put the central heating on an hour ago (yes, I know I said I wasn't going to until December but I'm blooming freezing).

We had about 20 minutes of glorious, wonderful, toasty warmness.....

.......... and the bloody gas ran out!!!

No heating until tomorrow and hmmmmm, maybe we won't be having sausage and mash tonight after all.

Oh well, cheese and pickle cobs for tea it is then. I loathe electric cookers but at times like this they look more appealing.


  1. Hi Hope, did you get my e mail?

  2. Hello Hope, Perhaps you could look at one of those mini ovens that frugal queen has or a microwave grill/combi oven. we bought one of those and I hardly use my main oven now.

  3. Brrr, I hope you aren't too cold

  4. I don't have central heating, just an electric fire and I'm afraid I have had to give in and put it on this week. I go to bed earlier having put on the electric blanket so at least I don't have to have it on too long. Must remember to keep an eye on the meter, I don't want that to run out. I can get my body warm with covers, layers etc but I need to occasionally warm the air as I have asthma and a COPD.

    I like proper, made from scratch meals, but I also keep some things in that just need boiling water as they are useful for the days when I feel a bit off and the kitchen is freezing. Cuppa soup, pot noodle, instant porridge and instant drinking chocolate all help to keep me going. I only get the cheap none branded ones as I don't get them as a gourmet experience LOL.