Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Better Late Than Never

I had the funniest conversation with my step daughter at the weekend. She had called me about something else but repeatedly kept telling me she was going into town later to buy vegetables. We talked about babies and holidays and dogs and kayaking but through it all those veggies kept rearing their heads to say hello. I was starting to wonder if it was some sort of code, was there someone else listening? Was there something she wanted to tell me but couldn't? Was she being held against her will by some crazed, long haired nutter? ....Oh wait, that's her husband. lol
Whatever it was I couldn't understand this sudden obsession with vegetables. She doesn't even like cooking, and will send her husband to the supermarket whenever she can get away with it. Shopping she excells at, but food shopping really isn't her thing!
In the end I just had to ask.
*Fanfare* Yes, lets have a fanfare here, it deserves it.
Thanks to the horsemeat scandal which made her rethink her habits, my step daughter has finally worked out that shopping at the local market is cheaper than Sainsburys.
I have never heard such excitement in her voice before. She joyously listed all the veg she'd bought the previous week and squeeled 'I saved £20!' followed quickly by 'and I bought meat too, loads of it, from the meat market, and it was so cheap'.
Yes dear, I know.
On a roll from her successes she even ventured into Poundland. (Believe me, if you knew my step daughter you'd know just how funny this is).
'I usually spend £100 a week in the supermarket' she said.
'By going to the market I only spent £50'
I hadn't the heart to tell her I don't usually spend that much in a month, I didn't want to burst her bubble. The girl has to start somewhere. lol
Of course she blew all her savings on new clothes, but hey, she's young and she works hard, I don't begrudge her that.


  1. Good for her. I wish my youngest son & DiL would take more notice of the food they buy, especially as they have 2 young children. sausage rolls, pasties, pork pies, Scotch Eggs, sweets, cake, biscuits, crisps . . . yuk! He does make Lasagnes, Spag Bol and roasts, but not often enough, in my opinion.

    1. My son and his girlfriend are much the same, but with their wedding looming and her wanting to lose weight they have just signed up to a 'healthy cooking' course run by their local college. My son is quite a good cook anyway but now once a week they can drop the little ones off at the free creche and are learning how to cook healty food together :) I think it's a great idea and I wish more places did it.