Saturday, 2 February 2013

NOT a Fun Way to Save Money

Uggghh. I feel terrible. I've felt terrible for over a week now. It started with a migraine (with a cold thrown in for good measure) then progressed with a delightful little tummy bug, only to see the return of my migraine (cruelly just as I thought I was starting to feel better) for the last few days. It's on it's way out now (I hope) but I still feel grotty and washed out.

On the bright side, as a result of feeling like death warmed up, I've barely dragged myself out of bed so I've been nice and warm without having to put the heating on and I really haven't felt like eating very much at all (it's been soup and rice pudding for the most part).

It's been a very inexpensive week but I have to say, on reflection, that there are nicer ways to save money.

Now, I'm making a mug of hot chocolate and going back to bed. Fingers crossed I'll feel much better in the morning.


  1. Oh poor you. So sorry to hear you have been so unwell and I hope it has finally cleared up (though I'm wondering if hot chocolate might not be the best thing when you've had headaches).
    I think you might have picked up the latest bug to be doing the rounds - not nice at all.
    Did Hubby manage to avoid it?
    As you say, it's NOT the best way to save money, but hey ho, it's saved anyway . . and the temperature seems to be creeping slowly up, so who knows - the better weather might just be on the way and we shall all feel better.
    Good to see you back again. :)

    1. Thankfully chocolate isn't one of my triggers so I'm lucky there :)
      Hubby still has the chest infection he's had for months but luckily he didn't pick up my bug. I'm hoping the milder weather will see us both improve. There is frogspawn in the pond so spring is definitely on its way. YAY! :)