Friday, 1 April 2016

I'm Going Car Shopping

Well I've started my new job and I love it. I'm very glad I should have a car by next week though as getting there has been quite an ordeal. Rural bus services being what they are, finding a bus that goes where I want to go when I want to go there has been quite a challenge and with the ridiculous way the timetables are organised it always seems that I just miss the connections. There is nothing more frustrating than arriving in town on one bus to see the next one you need just disappearing out of sight at the end of the road, especially when there's an hour wait for the next one. As it was my first few days I didn't have to start work until 9.30 am but I've been leaving home at quarter past five!

It really is a good job I passed my driving test or it just wouldn't be sustainable.

I have a week off now as my parents are coming to visit so they can take me 'car shopping'. I can't remember the last time I bought anything more exciting than food so that's going to be quite an experience. I'm glad I'll have help and advice, even if I'm sure my step-dad and I will have very different views on suitable cars haha.

I know common sense says I need a small, economical car but I much prefer bigger models. It's silly I suppose but I feel safer in a bigger car with a high driving position but they cost more to insure and run. Oh the dilemma. Obviously I'm going to have to compromise, running costs are going to be a top priority. I'm not too fussed about looks. It'd be nice to have a fancy car that looks nice (I absolutely love the Chrysler pt cruiser to give you some idea of my -possibly eccentric- tastes) but all that really matters is it has four wheels and an engine.

If any of you lovely people have any suggestions for a car that is economical, practical and has a driving position high enough to see where I'm going instead of feeling like my bum's dragging along the floor, please, suggest away.

Oh and reputable used car dealers in the south west (Cornwall, Devon, maybe even Somerset)... any recommendations? After a few bad experiences my parents refuse to consider private sellers and I don't even know where to begin looking.


  1. Car will give you freedom.Good luck and my best wishes.

  2. Hi - we have a Kia Picanto - my daughters can drive it as the insurance is low and although some right ups have been a bit iffy it has been brilliant for us and we've had it for 7 years AND it was 2nd hand when we bought it. Love my little car! Only "drawback" is that the indicators and wipers are on the opposite sides to many other cars which can be confusing to begin with!

  3. PS. I meant "write ups" of course!

  4. How about a Suzuki Jimney, they are a little upright 4x4. Good luck with the new job and your car hunting!

  5. So exciting! Let us know what you choose.

  6. Isn't this an exciting time? I remember last month when I went car shopping. The thrill of knowing that you are going to be coming home with a new vehicle is so cool. I could hardly sleep at night knowing I would finally be driving a new car. Once you get the vehicle, you will never be able to contain your excitement.

    Martin @ Fiesta Hyundai

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