Saturday, 7 September 2013


I love this time of year, the misty mornings giving way to blue skies, the still warm days but far fewer people on the beach; the woody scent of bonfires mixing with the last of the barbeques, and free food dripping from every hedgerow.

With what seemed to be an ever-shrinking budget fresh fruit was one of the first victims on my shopping list, brutally culled to ensure we weren't running out of things to eat two days before pension day. As a result, the arrival of blackberry season as been greeted with even more joy than usual, and not just the blackberries. Hips and haws, elderberries, rowan, even a few early sloes.... there has hardly been a day when I haven't been out walking the footpaths and lanes around here, filling my freezer (and our stomachs) to overflowing.
Hubby is particularly fond of blackberry crumble. So far none have made it as far as the freezer, I think I shall have to start making those in secret. Blackberry muffins are another favourite, although they are my weakness not his. Elderberry cordial, rosehip kitchen is likely to be a hive of activity for weeks to come as I find as many ways to preserve all that berry goodness as I can. All too soon the cold weather will be here, and the hedgerow abundance will be over for another year, but if I plan this right and harvest what I can now, preserve as much as I can, we should have plenty to see us through the dark months.


  1. Same here, isn't natures bounty wonderful. I love this time of year, when the squirreling instincts kick in and the preserving starts. Its freezing beans for me today and pickling a load of free beetroots. I have elderberry cordial on the list for next week.

    So glad you are both ok.
    Take Care
    Karen x

  2. My favourite time of year too. I love to add to my stores and I'm pleased to say my grown up kids all got the bug and make jams, pickles and cordials. Do you make custard to eat with the fruit crumbles ? I have started using the instant custard from S'bury. Its 15 p a packet, no milk required and makes 4 portions. As I am often just catering for myself I just spoon a bit into a mug and add boiling water. At less than 4p a portion its got to be a winner !
    Its so nice to have you back posting again.