Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sun, Glorious Sun!

Oh I was so happy to see the sun this morning. I'm sure I wasn't alone in that. After weeks of endless grey I imagine quite a few people were delighted when they threw open their curtains and saw its yellow loveliness blazing down, but for me it wasn't just the sight of it that filled me with joy. It wasn't the brightness of the morning, or all that blue sky or the crisp promise of a winter's day that made my heart sing (well it did a bit, but it wasn't only that ;) ) no, it was the fact that today I won't need to put my heating on!
You see I am lucky enough to have south facing windows and even a cold winter sun streaming through them warms my kitchen and living room delightfully. In fact, sometimes it is actually uncomfortably warm and I'm forced to throw open a window for a while. I had never lived anywhere with south facing windows before we moved into our council flat two years ago, and it still feels like a luxury. It's a novelty, a wonder, and indeed I do wonder at how we ever managed before. The difference it can make to the amount of money we feed into our hungry gas meter is huge. Of course, I need the weather to co-operate in order to reap the benefits (and it hasn't done that much lately) but when it does I am very grateful for our free heating.
Now I just need it to stay this way. The gas meter is already on 'emergency' (something I try to avoid if I can) thanks to a combination of colder weather and my husband's long, lingering chest infection (really need to keep him warm) and I've no way of topping it up until Wednesday. I have to admit I was panicking a bit and I've been sending hubby back to bed and piling on the jumpers and waiting until I couldn't feel my fingers before I gave in and turned the heating on over the last few days. Today has been a welcome relief and gives me a fighting chance of making it through.
Thank you Sun, long may you shine.

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